Theory, Violin, Brass & Woodwind in Kettering


Music theory is the workings of what we produce as a musician. It is a language that every musician should come to terms with throughout the journey of learning an instrument.  We cover all elements of theory including, note values, understanding scales, writing music, understanding rhythm, modes, keys and chords shapes.

Most music theory is incorporated within your lesson depending on what instrument you chose, but if you require extra theory lessons we can provide an experienced teacher to help.


Saxophone lessons at Intersales Teaching always take a very individual course that is shaped and suited to each player. However, whichever saxophone you decide to play, and whichever style of music you prefer, we will have a teacher who can assist you in learning to play. In the first lesson you will be taught how to begin to read and play music. As time goes on, if you want to learn to improvise jazz we can teach you that too.

Music grades are a possibility as all of our saxophone teachers have taken these grades themselves and have good experience of what is required. These grades consist of three prepared pieces of music, one of which is solo, two of which are accompanied by a piano player. Sight-reading, aural tests, and scales are also a big part of the exam. Saxophone is suitable for people aged 7 and upwards, anyone can learn to play - even those with no previous musical experience!


It's not often that we think about the history  of an instrument, but with the clarinet there is so much of it involved. Invented in the eighteenth century, the clarinet has been a big part of music from early jazz musicians in New Orleans to the modern intrumentalist of today. The clarinet as even partly the inspiration for the saxophone. The clarinet may have been around for a long time, but no means is it a dying art. Many modern performers will choose a clarinet to enhance their music for that extra coour or feel.  Our friendly and experienced teachers can help you with your goal. If you would like to work with an exam course, we can help you choose the right course so you can benifit from your new talent. 


Flute can be a very beautiful sounding instrument and very rewarding to play. Our flute lessons are taught by our very professional and experienced teachers. We work with exam boards such as The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) or London College of Music (LCM) Classical Syllabus' or the more recently launched ABRSM Jazz Flute Syllabus. Whatever you chose, I am sure that Intersales can offer you a standard of teacher second to none.

Although the Syllabuses can lead to recognised qualifications, the exams are not compulsory. Students are more than welcome to learn flute for pure pleasure. We also have a woodwind ensemble group and if the student feels they have made the grade, they can perform with the group at various events throughout the year.

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