17th August is carnival day, we at ISM are joining in this year with a float themed the GREATEST SHOWMAN, we would like students and families to get involved either join in on the day or make decorations for the float.

Don’t get bored over the Easter half term, can you help and make us some of the following:

WE NEED lots of:

🎪 Circus themed decorations

🎶 Music themed decorations (such as music notes)

🙏 Hand made posters too (music themed)

The more people dressed up on the day the better but not compulsory as we don’t want to put people out of their comfort zones, we would love for as many people involved as possible.

If we could have all decorations 4 weeks before the 17th August that would be fab, let’s make the greastest showman float, the biggest and greatest ever………. COME ON ISM… Let’s make it the greatest float………

Float sponsored by Walls and Floors Kettering and HSS Hire Kettering.

ISM Students please sign up below: